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Interview with Tiffany Wallace with Dagen Personnel

Tiffany and I have a close personal friend who was recently married right and she had one of the receptions where you sit down at a table so obviously we see you in the Pew hey Debbie hey girl how you doing and but then we go back and we were sitting seated next to each other and I think that's kind of a God thing because I was needing your help so bad and it gave me the opportunity to sit down reception and the toasts and the talks and I was like OK we can talk and so I I just started asking Tiffany some questions and Clear professional and found out what we did so before we get into highlighting Med career at the personal stuff tell me about where you grew up how you grew up and then we're going to then we got to find our way to Dagen so let's start there that's awesome my family is from West Texas and so I never thought I'd live or move to a huge city like Houston where we're in West TX from Abilene Abilene not way West TX but it's West Texas it counts and so I never thought I'd end up in Houston but we my dad moved from my family moved from Abilene to temple Belton TX and I was raised there are really small town of 1000 people what's the name of that town Milton tigers all the way go get him and so then after that I went to Baylor University yes you know not far down the road in Waco and absolutely loved that place and ended up in Houston after that because somebody was going to actually give me a check for working isn't that amazing how that works I was so happy that someone is going to pay me $11.50 to be on the telephone right?


Straight out of Baylor I'm here and it was back from the days of when they were reselling att was a you know reseller disconnected everybody and so we then I worked for a company called equal net communications that went public and that was a blast that was my first experience in business answers tons of money involved and it was a young group of men that did it and so that was it was fine but then quickly after that it tanked I understand but that was your but that wouldn't really your first time start growing up you had some other what I always like to ask what was the worst little job that you have growing up I remember my I worked at a pet store I was the poor guy my job was to pick up poo and I got paid and I hated it as you could imagine I tell people had a crappy job I had a crappy job you did well I mean I'll have to admit that the hardest job in the workshop I add was mowing my parents grass and I got paid $5 yeah it was like a half-acre that's what I had to learn today and let me tell you it was the best thing that really ever happened to me because my dad said if you get to a point in life when you can't make any money you will learn that you can make money from sliding that's true I always last word better what happens that if I had to go back into some kind of job that required me to sweat that that's just what I'd have to do right so then I went to work at you know the neighborhood cool and I was the basket girl what is the basket girl grow back in the day when you have a pen that you put on your bathing suit OK come back with that opinion and they'd give your personal things oh got it yes so you would exchange your pin for the basket gotcha I made $2.72 and I bet you made just tons and tips I got 14 right so then you're off to school you go to Baylor and you get this job and did you go to.


Walk me through the process from when you were at in the communications business too how you got to dig in and at least the personnel business sure you bet I got fired OK yeah I mean you know devastated yeah I had no idea that I would ever get fired from a physician but I was actually from I was in communications and I was traveling two weeks off and on for this dealership or a company that sold software to car dealerships so I was traveling a lot and I didn't like it just and it turned out that it really just wasn't for me because it was extremely technical and I had to explain a lot of technical things to people about the software and so you know that could be done so anyways but it's best thing that ever happened it pushed me into staffing OK I went to work for core staff and then I was on site at what Dynegy gas company and so was on site at donner gianna was on site what is AIG now American general yeah and so we ran contractors in the financial placements that they needed there in both places and I got to understand what it was like to work with the client on a daily basis people in comedy and going in and out of that core staff office at the time right and then I left for seven went to work for a woman who is still in Business Today she's phenomenal word for her for about a year and a half in the Galleria and they have they still have a group there and then I left to go into sales because my dad owned a pest control business he still does he's 76 years old and still runs a full blown past schedule look at that Texas Beaver pest control so anyway he I knew that I probably could if I was ever going to take the leap of faith to do it on my own.


I think I was 31 years old and I decided to leave and start my own business at the time and worked from my home and I made my first placement within two weeks which then gave me enough money to start you know paying my bills and that kind of thing and then start accruing additional work those first two weeks were a lot of fun where they well I just said they were fun but they're also nerve wracking I know because when you first get started on your own yes there's nothing behind you absolutely not it is you and your name and that's it so you start with that and then you started your own so did you was that Dagen no at the time it was called empire personnel OK then you know life happens and we went through a divorce and blah blah blah and then on in 2007 I had a new company name which is Dagen personnel.


How did you come to the name Dagen? I'm curious well Dang it actually is a form of new day in Dutch and so that's technically you know what if a big name is OK you know the real story behind that is that when I was going through a really difficult time in my life I kept having all these dreams and in these dreams I would be in terrible horrible situations then every single time within that dream there would be a young woman that would come into my dream and she looked horrific I mean she looked down and out I got black somebody else on the streets that looked like a drug addicted person and so but in every dream that I had where I found myself in that situation she would come to me in the dream and she would save me and towards the end of that period of time in my life that was so difficult you know it was actually during that whole divorce. I had the last dream I ever had about her is she came to me and something was happening and she was leaving and I said hey what's your name and she turned around and looked at me and she said my name is taken I don't know why that is a great story don't know how and so then at the time I was talking to somebody about what are you going to name your new business what're you going to rename your business because we had decided that we'd split and I would get a new name which is fine by me and so the person at the time said to me why don't you call it Dagen because that is literally what has been saving and I've never looked back and it's been saving outstanding other people that are involved with me and clients and it's just been a really great journey I love that story thanks that's really cool and that's what makes the business personal.


You know when you hear stuff like that so I appreciate you sharing that so let's get down now to what does Dagen do as a whole not what do you do. Sir what does Dagen as a whole do sure we're a full service recruiting firm and basically we were in temporary or contractors you know we have a temp to hire unit so if you want to just tip somebody out and bring them on permanent or we do direct hire which is a full blown recruiting service where basically you come in ask us to find a person with specific skill set we go out and search for them so that's what I did yeah that's called that's called direct tire direct tire so I called you and said I need direct hire correct OK and you brought me by the way to warn you side so I called queen T she's running the show now she's the best thing that's happened to redfish we really hit it off I mean yeah and I did tell people you know as we were interviewing them and talking to them I'm like you know get ready this guy is full of energy rain him in and I think she did that for you in like 1st 20 minutes no easily exactly what I needed I guess that's why we were attracted to each other so that's what Dagen does in general.


What do you do what are your primary responsibilities at Dagen? Sure no problem so recently what we've done is we've also added a Dallas office and that has been really exciting that's why when I'm talking to you say I'm up in Dallas I'm like so you're always OK right so we have a financial placement division up there that has specialized in areas of hedge funds and private equity and so the woman running back her name is Camille McBride Camilla has over 25 years of hedge fund. So whenever she decided to you know starting new career is her second portion of life then she came on board and she's got phenomenal clients in the Dallas area and that's been a lot of fun and so my role has changed somewhat even in the last year than what it was before I'm still very active in the sales piece of Dagen personnel you know creating maintaining relationships with clients and then we have recruiters and that you know handle the rest of the process for us but now what has been so interesting is that the way my role has changed has been more of a Dagen is no longer me with people Dagen is now people yeah I mean it is a team of women that or or dynamic and that's been a lot of fun since there really more of a leadership role and I've ever held is day is primarily it's obviously owned by liberty.


When you were building up Dagen was that something you intended or something that happened? I don't know that it's actually something that I intended it just happened to be who I was attracted to and who was attracted to me OK I mean and personality fit kind of like with just you into one yeah you know you meet people in your immediately if it's going to work or not and so I mean I'm not opposed to looking for really strong confident man for something it just hasn't happened yet I got you that's interesting so now this one i want to start just kind of asking you my experience in working with both has the online recruiting area for a number of years and I'll bet you I got 50 to 100 resumes that immediately went to the delete file it was garbage so I would guess that they are competition for you but you differ from Indy it's night and day Hertz you helped you neither house that kind of worked out no I mean it you have to have it OK it's just the way it is you have to have it yeah and so what's interesting about that is when I started in recruiting 20 years ago we would come from my memory place ads or you would just be on the telephone or you'd market your particular company that you're working for and the recruiters always you know you have to have a certain amount of people that come in on a daily basis because that's what made up the bulk of your day and then you could you know pick and choose for who those people were but it wasn't online people were faxing us resumes I mean go yeah I mean we would pick their resume up off of the facts and call somebody and they have to come in well.


Fast forward to today in the world of COVID I mean now we're doing almost every interview on zoom you know unless they're coming into the office and we're meeting him that way but we use indeed we use LinkedIn do you Oh my gosh yes I mean so say for instance if we have a position that you're just not getting any candidates for or you don't have a referral or you've exhausted your pipeline then you could put a resume on indeed and you have to just wait So what you pay us for that you have zero time to do is what we do all day long you know and so you end up finding that it's just you have a you are able to look at a resume you're able to decipher what's good what's bad you're able to talk to the person you're able to bring them in and so you're just weirding out all of the junk that you just talked about right yeah I was so you get down to two or three people so that when you call us we already know yes we have this this and this that's what I was amazed at so we had a couple conversations and then I had I think it was six people in front of me almost immediately that were all qualified and that's when I was like holy cow OK here's the difference yeah and then to me it was strictly finding the right personality you know to that matches up well with me because we're living together more or less definitely so yeah.


 OK well that that that was kind of curious as to how that worked so how do people who are unemployed or maybe looking for a change how do they get to you or are you out looking for them or do they find you or is it some above I think it's a little bit about I've been in Houston and been in the market for 20 years so a good portion of what now comes to us is people that have used us or they've been my client that is a referral base which is always what you want yeah right and then we do a lot of advertising on LinkedIn we post almost every job that we have on LinkedIn that is really were people go to today yeah there are various sites I mean the world is online yeah if you're not online I don't really know what you're doing you know I mean and then it's still a telephone agree it is 100% telephone game and anytime we employ someone or we talked to him about recruiting I'm like if you're afraid to be on the telephone this job is not for you and so it's a constant turn really a burn intern of talking to people and then trying to find the right fit guy got you email me with postings on our website obviously we have all of our jobs on our website and we try to do as much marketing as we can there.


So but you've also got two different areas so you find employees to go to work you also work with employers like you did with me and I would think you've got some large employers that are constantly needing different positions so how do you go about recruiting the different businesses saying let me represent you in the employment area and bring you the people that you need so previous like with you I mean we knew for a fact that as you're growing right awesome that you were are going to add staff but at the time you only needed just the one person right so we specifically can tailor what we were doing and what we were looking for just for you right my other there were really blessed to have his locks in Italy and has been a phenomenal client of mine for over 10 years and so we have consistent business from them I mean I have people in it we have people in human resources we have people in accounting and so as you're doing this on a daily basis like what you do when you understand the markets of money and the finance industry and everything else but you know that this is just what you're  looking at all day long we're doing nothing talking with people and their background all day long that so we have literally I mean I hate to say buckets you know airports buckets yeah of where we put people knowing that based on the current need or what's coming down the pipeline for us with different clients that we then can go back to them OK and it really depends on if you have an active candidate or you have a passive candidates somebody you know that's just over there and you can column if you have something perfect versus somebody who's calling you every day saying hey I need to be employed now yeah I need a job I need a job so let's now get into the into the weeds a little bit and just employment in general it's one of the things that I watch regularly because I have to.


I think it's one of the main drivers as we all know of the general economy when people have jobs they have money in their pockets and people have money in their pockets they're spending money for 70% of EU S economy is retail in people spending money 70% so massive numbers so the current environment right now I'd like to talk about environments in the past everything but described to me the environment right now as far as employment is concerned because it is this is a different time that we are in with COVID correct so I was looking at this earlier today to have a conversation with other staffing owners and one of the biggest increases that we've seen has been in leisure and hospitality you know pre pandemic with Covid the majority of those companies have major problems they're laying people off even for us traveling personally over the summer when we were in a couple of different places number one we were in Montana and I'll tell you that we saw a sign that said at Taco joes so this is just some Taco place in in whitefish Mt that they were going to pay people $14.50 an hour and they're going to give him a $500 sign on this unbelievable Taco joes Fast forward to when we were in New York City and we were we stayed at a Hilton in the financial district you know and they did not have enough people at the Hilton for the amount of people that were coming in for the summer you know I mean because they had not they had not brought on it back enough workers yet and so it's been very challenging finding people but so that's increased and I even you know wrote it down yeah let's see the job gain on that was in leisure and hospitality.


The other thing I wanted to make mention of was that long term unemployed people meaning 27 weeks or longer but that for the first time this July dropped to 3.4 million which isn't that was a big number it's impressive yes that's been a big problem because we had a lot of people that work and there was another in in when I was looking through and I had just done this on a podcast I'm already losing kind of my but I came across the lingo discouraged workers and out of the latest one they said there were 600,000 who are discouraged look and they describe discouraged lookers those who are looking for a not actively looking for a job but if one came across they would take it so I've kind of the factor those people out sure but as far as the time is concerning and leisure hospitality has been because we're going out now and when it and they lay their body off they've got to have it you brought up that restaurant there's a one at gosh is it Hoffmeister no it's not it's yeah Huffmeister in 290 little restaurant there I'm driving along and they've got this big banner and it says we're hiring cooks we pay more plus full benefits and I'm going that's something you just didn't see not that long ago so that's the environment we're in now but that's what we'll call hospitality and leisure sure is it that way across the board we've had a really in the last several months now everything has gotten better and improved since the unemployment additional funding has stopped correct and so you have a a completely different group of workers anywhere that we were struggling with was $20 to $35 an hour on a contract basis trying to find people that would go to work and that range so when you say struggling you were struggling to find people who want to make that you say because I'm going to guess they were receiving stimulus checks from the government they were receiving unemployment checks and they were possibly making more money to stay at home so you did find that to be true 100% OK and that was 100% of their answers yeah you know when you would call someone and say you have a job form and they would say I no reason for me to do that at this time I'm making more money being at home unbelievable and that was a constant answer so for somebody that you know would get up every day and go to work and you know $5 million the grass or the most happy somebody was going to pay me a check when I came to Houston that stuff yeah it's very different.


So the current now it's better we do it is now better we do have people that are accepting jobs or that my phone or Dagen phone is ringing more now with people calling looking for work OK then has been you know what's happening previously one of the things that I am reading about is it seems to be that we've got it for the first time maybe in the long time there are as many if not more employers looking for employees then are available are you saying that OK so that really so this is beneficial really for the employees right now they can and with that I would guess they can command higher wages they can and they do and in fact just this last week I had a client an awesome group of people it's called southern chemical and they were looking for somebody within their supply chain team for logistics like a railcar coordinator well we had submitted candidates and they ended up finding somebody on their own for the railcar coordinator which was fine but one of the gentleman that we sent over there they created a job for him because he was so good in analytics OK so you know I mean their employers now are having to kind of open their minds a little bit and look at who they're giving who they're talking to because they miss him they're gone and the other thing is it's a lot of education for employers with me right now saying that if you're ready to interview at the time I send you candidates you need to make a decision immediately or you need to increase you know you need to make sure you need to shorten your hiring process because the people I'm submitting to you know based on the job that I'm submitting him to you for people I'm submitting to you are interviewing already or they're already getting offers and so you don't have time to wait you're missing people so as far as the people out there look there couldn't be a better time or a formula for someone who's looking for work right now that's right if you want to make a move it's a really good time and chances are you're probably going to at least get some portion of it increase or you're going to get a better benefit or you're going to be able to work a hybrid schedule from home and that drives a lot of the phone calls that we get right now are people looking to be able to stay working from home.


OK now that that opens up another Ave for you at least in my head so now what you can be taking on or people that maybe they're tired of doing what they're doing and so they're going do people often call you and say I've been doing this for so long and I kind of like what's out there for me I don't know it's that kind of something that people call up and ask you're prepared for those kind of questions and say tell me your dreams tell me the kind of job you want and then see if they could you could make that fit well that's a challenging thing to do based on the jobs that you have from your clients right because I mean we're obviously all in business to make money what we're also in business for is to make the best right fit with the right person for the right job for their future sure I've had conversations with people over the years and they often say you know why do you do what you do well I my experience in life is I never wanted to see somebody and probably a woman in particular you know I never wanted to see somebody that couldn't take care of their family so when I talked to candidates my main goal is where can we put you that you're going to be happy that you can be able to take care of your family and so when someone calls me like you just mentioned they say you know I'm really sick and tired of doing what I'm doing I hate it I really want to do something new number one will my client pay for somebody that wants to do something new will they take the time to train them do they value what they currently have and need to be able to then move them into something else and so it's just a it's a back and forth on what's going to be right for the client it's going to be right for the candidate as well but it's opening up opportunities for Dagen personnel I mean I would say yeah it's kind of across the board and the candidates as well because this market is so tight in terms of employers looking for someone that they now will hire based on someone's attitude the intangibles about who they are as a person and they will train somebody you know I mean they won't they don't have to just fire based on skill set so showing my ignorance that what they always the way I've been to me that's the most important part of hiring someone is that you have that match because I can teach anybody anything right I I think at least in my head I can train them to do the job but you say it's not they just they're looking for the skill set first I mean yes I mean based on the job that they're calling you for yeah I mean so it depends I mean you've got professional engineers that I get that they have the skill set you know but if you don't have the previous experience to even say be a front desk receptionist they'll take somebody that is new right out of college or you know just has an attitude to be able to sit there and greet people and train them on the rest and there have been a lot of markets where that's just not the case.


OK that makes sense so how has the work from home let's call it a I don't want to call it a push but the change with the work from home are most employers that you've run across adapting to that percent really have no choice and what they have highlight that they have no choice no choice yeah what we have found with our clients is that for the most part the majority of them and even Occidental Petroleum who is you know my largest client you know they used to say that they were never going to let anybody work from home and now what they found is that the bulk of their workforce is more productive by working from home this something so they know they've gone to a schedule that they've for now for the near future are going to let people work from home Monday to Friday and then they're in the office Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and I've seen that a lot a lot of oil and gas clients right even just other industries I'm often thought that the work from home environment would also bring more mothers with young children into the workforce because they've been there in an environment where they need to be at home and possibly daycare costs or whatever it may be I would maybe I'm wrong but I would think it opens up opportunities for some people to work that it wasn't there prior it does fit what I have heard by talking to people about this is that it is an awesome thing but if you have young children it's much harder than if you have older children yes I mean you are still required to be logged into your computer or whatever it is you're doing from your general hours 8 to 5 or whatever and if you have a young person around the house you're still not paying for childcare or you're not taking him to daycare or you don't have someone in the house to distract that little one it's almost impossible to be effective at your job that makes there's a lot of headaches that come with working from home and having small children that I have really listened to people over the last 18 months have major challenges in their relationships you know with their employers and so that's been it's difficult yeah that's great inside but it's difficult great insight. I know that with me when the Covid stuff hit the working from home I'm not built for that.


Tiffany I am not built my wife isn't built for me to be home and stuff I have needed and all I'm one of those who need I and I understand that I may be different but I wake up in the morning and I have my coffee and then I'm like OK I got to go I gotta go and that's just my nature and so I have to have office space you know I just I just work better when you're lucky that you own your own company that you can do that you know the majority of the people in the workforce are employed by others crew so the challenge for them like you know is the commute and finding work life balance and so but the working from home at least a day or two or even three like so many people are lucky to get to do has been has given them a real just a relief you know knowing that they don't have to get up and fight the traffic the mental relief from it is phenomenal right yeah I would think that would be pretty impressive so guys go back then to get to.


Let's make up a company let's make up the XYZ company and they do whatever they need to do what does the employer need to do today to other than other than money competitive salary to make them attractive to employees out there where they say you know what regardless of the money that's where I want to work in that kind of environment it's benefits really benefits, so is it benefits other than medical dental well the medical piece is huge because the benefits of just the increase in terms of how much it costs employers and even people without is huge yeah so I mean that's always the first question we get are you know what are the benefits how much do I have to pay damages salary right and the other piece now in this environment is can we work from home and when can we work from home OK and so having some kind of flexible schedule I do have a couple of clients that in this last year that has been very interesting and I'll give a shout out to Kodiak gas and country yeah Kodiak is phenomenal they are by far the best thing I've ever seen a gentleman who owns this company pays for peoples EZ tax he pays for 100% of their benefits every and I when I say every person in that company gets a car allowance a car align car left and then I've got Tiffany Steadham who's here I'm training close years go I'm sorry to he needs to get in a quarterly bonus yeah right so and that's phenomenal and then also next level urgent care those next level urgent care is a company here in Houston and they have you know I want to say 14 or 15 different locations across Houston Beaumont different places they do a lot of different things for their employees within those locations that are money based or they give out you know some kinds of restaurant certificates they give a day off so a lot of little things that make you want to go to work where you feel valued and that has Brad that has never changed ever in the whole time I've ever been doing this is that the people want to feel valued and it is from the facilities guy all the way up to or vice president I believe that feel valued that's the number one reason why people will leave a job.


I believe it and I'm a big I I didn't use the word value I've all used the word appreciated which is the same which there sentence are synonyms but that's what I always I think people want in their heart to feel like you are really appreciated and it's not it's not to say here's your paycheck well that just shows on the preaches no right I think that people need to hear it I agree operations lack and giving their leaders in every area enough training in terms of making each person on their team so that probably something that I believe that I've seen across the years that they could do well it was because of talking with you and something we started I've added medical awesome that is amazing I needed to because I I mean I didn't know because I haven't spoken with Someone Like You sure I didn't know what's going to separate me and made me different so I read all these different books about culture and business culture and I think I know about that stuff but I think also then the benefits I'd just like me Tiffany sitting right here I was able to get her the medical and stuff I think so she's only but they don't know 80 bucks or something like that is all she's paying now for full for full medical and stuff so I needed to add that in order what I call be a big boy company sure right to kind of grow up.


One of the things that I was often reading about it was the trend like at the big tech companies where they created this cultured environment like we do your dry cleaning on site and we do all these different things on site and a restaurant with I'm not going to open a restaurant anytime soon now I might give you money for a smoothie if you want to walk across the street but point being there have been a lot there's been a lot of change I think in corporate America on trying to change up the culture if you will to be more attractive to people So what I'm hearing you say is the most attractive trait that an employer or a company can have is making their employees feel valued 100% 100% and that you and that you care they're like you know they just don't listen to what I say you know they don't hear me you know I don't feel like that they care about me or my family and it's just and it's every position yeah well I think that's  really as an employer I think this is very educational to hear from you as someone who's often putting people that benefits really are critical in attracting the best talent that I say that rise correct


OK so having those benefits and then if you don't mind because I'm going to ask you again because I know listening or other employers you know we own small businesses or my client and they listen to show so you said just the benefits which would be the health benefits mostly your medical dental vision you know I mean if you offer that or not or even I have some clients that are small businesses right for stipend you know so they may not have we've done that yeah you may not have you on a group plan but that they do care enough about the fact that it doesn't you know hurt the salary that they're paying and they pay you on top of that and additional 300 whatever to help you on the medical piece OK so that's important and then other things are just things there's a team that's what I want to hear yeah tell me people have I know that I have a couple of my clients that they at least want them once a month they do like the Topgolf experience OK they take employees and their families to the Astros they take employees and their families to dinner and so the big complaints that we would hear from people is that they would do things for employees but you know you're already at work all day long eight to five you know or on the weekend you're having to do something and you're missing out on the time with being with your wife or your center children yes and so the people that really care and value them having that kind of family quality time they include the family and that can be hard so families are six some families are three separate right so it just depends that's been a big appealing factor for people.


OK well this is very interesting and I'm thinking of Astros yeah for Texans tickets they do things that a family if you're paying a certain salary may not be able to do because it's outside the phone exactly need to live exactly so it's the people that spend the extra money for you to enjoy things in the Houston area they give out zoo tickets they come i mean it's just it's so because we talked even this morning and stuff like that about different things and we were always bouncing ideas off each other so the benefit side you mentioned the EZ tag pay for show someone stealing a lot of clients someone is doing a lot of mileage on their car So what they're doing to help with that is there they will buy the EZ tag uhm for them and pay for that what are some of the other things they're doing for these clients that there may be traveling around gas cards gas cards I have several clients that even if these are not even sales positions these are corporate employees that are getting gas cards because they understand how difficult it is to come back and forth even if they live across the street they're getting a gas card you know and the EZ tag is really what siege because now we're way 99 has opened up and you can really access every portion of Houston then that's wonderful but even I have clients that live in Katy and the go to The Woodlands and so they're paying $7 one trip to go to The Woodlands seven that's $14.00 today and so employers are finding that it's really beneficial to offer an easy tag if they really want the qualified employee they're looking for.


This is one of the things that I think I was telling you when I do these podcasts I don't know what direction they're often going to go and I am getting a lot out of this Tiffany I mean this is this is great on how to build up the company what are some of the things that let's go the other side that an employee is out there and maybe they're thinking about getting a different position the thing about it what can they be doing to make themselves look better to employers go to work OK simple words get up and go to work and people call me all the time and they're like you know I'm really struggling in this job I'm struggling because of these people I'm struggling because of my boss and in fact I was just on the phone yesterday with a young woman that was struggling with her boss and she said do you any guidance on what I can do and I said well have you ever actively gone to your boss and tried to talk to her and she was like no I can't do you know and the challenges that no matter what your thought processes about authority figures in your life as you've grown up and matured into an adult and now you're working for someone whatever thought process or experience you've had with authority figures you pretty much take with you into your adult life into your jobs and so I historically always ask people if they're having a challenge with their boss you know what is it tell me about where your relationships with authority figures in your past and at some point you can get down to what that is and what their fear is and most people that are struggling with their bosses like really are just in a lot of fear about something and it failed confront the fear that they can move past communication 100% communicate increase indent your boss is right.


I've also found that most employers really want to make sure that their employees are happy and content so that they're able to do their work and do a better job yeah so that's but it's tough so we've if you're an employer or employee what is the best way to get in touch with you or Dagen sure no problem it's awesome we have a corporate number yeah 2813731554 or as I tell everybody I'm like you can email me and it's Tiffany at and we're accessible on the web OK so just go to the website it's probably so Dagen person know dash I think right and then I'll put this in the show notes guys will you'll be able to log on and see it in the blog and have it in writing in case you wanted to do so you know kind of as I'm wrapping this up I want to thank you for coming to do this but how I wanted to end this was just by letting you know that redfish capital is better off today because of your involvement truly we are better off today because of what you have done for me personally with red fish and it started with us just sitting out at a wedding reception but I can't express how grateful I am for the work you've done for may because we are growing faster than I ever dreamed possible I can hear it yeah right it's all going and so much of that honestly is due to you so from the bottom of heart I thank you for what you've done and I highly encourage y'all out there if you're thinking about changing jobs if you're looking for work if you're an employer and you've been like me you've struggled in finding the right person I'm telling you stop what you doing call Tiffany it's much easier thank everybody for listening I appreciate your time.

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