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At Redfish Capital we believe that the process begins with a written financial plan.  We accomplish this through the use of our Certified Financial Planner Robert Simpton.


Most people will claim that they have a financial plan.  They don’t.  What they have are IDEAS.  We walk the client through the process of taking all their ideas and then placing them on paper.  These are your retirement goals.  These goals tell us where you would like to be in your retirement years.  Next, we calculate and deeply analyze the plan to see if what you are doing will enable you to achieve the goals.  Do you need to save more?  Do you need a higher rate of return?  Can you achieve your goals and be less aggressive thereby potentially avoiding loss?  The results of our comprehensive financial planning process will tell us what rate of return you need in order to achieve your goals.  We now have our roadmap.  You have to determine where you are going before you determine how to get there.

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Most people want to discuss the markets and investments and these discussions tend to center on the return.  As a result, many financial plans are determined by the investment results and asset allocation.  Bad year in the markets…now I have to work longer.  We use the PLAN to dictate the allocation.  If the plan tells us that we need to achieve 5.5% net after fees annual returns why would we be invested primarily in stocks designed to achieve twice that return thus taking on added risk?  The PLAN dictates the allocation.  We match your personal allocation based solely on your unique written financial plan.


As a part of the financial planning process at Redfish Capital, Dawn Kleinschmidt specializes in Property and Casualty Insurance. If you own a home and a vehicle it makes sense to make sure that you are getting the most you can out of these, right?  Annually you need to have these checked and Dawn does that for you every year.  We know you pay a lot of money for insurance.  With over 20 years of experience, Dawn will make sure you are getting the best deal you can.


Income taxes play a role but are rarely discussed as a part of the financial planning process.  As a part of Redfish Capital, should you choose, you will have a CPA at your disposal to discuss ANYTHING taxes. Let’s face it, we all pay them and we all could use sound accounting advice. If you have questions about self-employment taxes we can help, our experienced CPAs will be able to not only help you navigate the accounting world but give sound advice to use going forward.


Most people are overinsured.  Do you have the right amount of Life Insurance?  Do you have the right kind of Life Insurance?  At Redfish Capital we conduct diligent reviews of your life insurance policies to make sure that you have the coverage you need for the people who matter most. 

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