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Happy Thanksgiving

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to take a moment to write you and let you know how grateful and thankful all of us at Redfish Capital are for your friendship, your trust, and your business.

As many of you are aware this has been a tremendously busy year for us. The rebranding, the new office design and move, the new hires, and COVID, among other things. There have been more than a few times this year when I would finally get home, sit down in my recliner, and ask myself what in the world am I doing!

During the frenetic and busy times, I sometimes find it tough to sort through the day-to-day task list and reflect on what is really important in life. I have had an amazing reminder of this lately that I wanted to share with you.

The previous office location was directly above the building’s gym. About the same time every day, there was a person or a couple of people, that would go in to work out. Whenever they did, they liked to turn the music up pretty loud. Now I do not have an issue with music...I often have music playing in the office when I am working...but what they listened to while working out was not quite office background music if you will. In addition to that, these people were workout grunters. If you are not familiar with this type of person, they are the ones who enjoy grunting and screaming with every rep they do. If you are a baseball fan, simply picture Zack Greinke playing catch below you loudly grunting with every pitch he throws. Not quite the atmosphere I prefer when working or conducting client meetings.

So much of my excitement in moving was to rid myself of “grunt fest” that occurred daily. I quickly learned that my new office came with its own set of noise. I now find myself directly over a different business that tends to get loud as well. But this noise is completely different than before.

The business below me caters to children with special needs and specializes in children with autism. I am not an expert on autism and can only tell you what I see and hear. I do see kids with various levels of function...some walk in, some are wheeled in, and some are carried in.

The room that is directly below me is what I am guessing to be the “playroom” for these kids. The noise that I now hear during working hours is laughter and giggling from the children with occasional shrieks of surprise and happiness. These kids are having an absolute ball down there!

So, what does all this have to do with how I started this email?

Perspective is critical in my way of seeing things and thinking. I often go back to a lesson I learned many years ago about sight and having the right lenses to bring things into focus. As I have aged, I have come to rely on readers as a daily need. I simply do not see as well as I used to. The other pair of glasses that I need to wear daily however are the ones you cannot see. They are my perspective lenses. My perspective lenses simply allow me to see things differently. When I am wearing them, I tend to be much more patient, kind, tolerant and I can see life as others do. This is a critical lens for me to wear daily. Now, when I hear the sounds from below, they are not simply sounds. They are reminders that life is good no matter the circumstance we may be in at the moment. It just matters the perspective I have.

My life is truly so full and wonderful today. I have a family that I love deeply. I have coworkers that I respect and genuinely enjoy being around. I have more friends than I can count. I am healthy (though getting older!). I have been blessed with a business that provides for me, my family, my employees, and that I love doing. You are one of the primary reasons that I have such a wonderful job. Every person I have the privilege of working with provides me with so much more than monetary gain. Our conversations are the highlight of my day. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.

From all of us at Redfish Capital, thank you for everything and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Season.


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