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Interview with Tiffany Wallace with Dagen Personnel

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

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Tiffany and I have a close personal friend who was recently married right and she had one of the receptions where you sit down at a table so obviously we see you in the Pew hey Debbie hey girl how you doing and but then we go back and we were sitting seated next to each other and I think that's kind of a God thing because I was needing your help so bad and it gave me the opportunity to sit down reception and the toasts and the talks and I was like OK we can talk and so I I just started asking Tiffany some questions and Clear professional and found out what we did so before we get into highlighting Med career at the personal stuff tell me about where you grew up how you grew up and then we're going to then we got to find our way to Dagen so let's start there that's awesome my family is from West Texas and so I never thought I'd live or move to a huge city like Houston where we're in West TX from Abilene Abilene not way West TX but it's West Texas it counts and so I never thought I'd end up in Houston but we my dad moved from my family moved from Abilene to temple Belton TX and I was raised there are really small town of 1000 people what's the name of that town Milton tigers all the way go get him and so then after that I went to Baylor University yes you know not far down the road in Waco and absolutely loved that place and ended up in Houston after that because somebody was going to actually give me a check for working isn't that amazing how that works I was so happy that someone is going to pay me $11.50 to be on the telephone right?

Straight out of Baylor I'm here and it was back from the days of when they were reselling att was a you know reseller disconnected everybody and so we then I worked for a company called equal net communications that went public and that was a blast that was my first experience in business answers tons of money involved and it was a young group of men that did it and so that was it was fine but then quickly after that it tanked I understand but that was your but that wouldn't really your first time start growing up you had some other what I always like to ask what was the worst little job that you have growing up I remember my I worked at a pet store I was the poor guy my job was to pick up poo and I got paid and I hated it as you could imagine I tell people had a crappy job I had a crappy job you did well I mean I'll have to admit that the hardest job in the workshop I add was mowing my parents grass and I got paid $5 yeah it was like a half-acre that's what I had to learn today and let me tell you it was the best thing that really ever happened to me because my dad said if you get to a point in life when you can't make any money you will learn that you can make money from sliding that's true I always last word better what happens that if I had to go back into some kind of job that required me to sweat that that's just what I'd have to do right so then I went to work at you know the neighborhood cool and I was the basket girl what is the basket girl grow back in the day when you have a pen that you put on your bathing suit OK come back with that opinion and they'd give your personal things oh got it yes so you would exchange your pin for the basket gotcha I made $2.72 and I bet you made just tons and tips I got 14 right so then you're off to school you go to Baylor and you get this job and did you go to.

Walk me through the process from when you were at in the communications business too how you got to dig in and at least the personnel business sure you bet I got fired OK yeah I mean you know devastated yeah I had no idea that I would ever get fired from a physician but I was actually from I was in communications and I was traveling two weeks off and on for this dealership or a company that sold software to car dealerships so I was traveling a lot and I didn't like it just and it turned out that it really just wasn't for me because it was extremely technical and I had to explain a lot of technical things to people about the software and so you know that could be done so anyways but it's best thing that ever happened it pushed me into staffing OK I went to work for core staff and then I was on site at what Dynegy gas company and so was on site at donner gianna was on site what is AIG now American general yeah and so we ran contractors in the financial placements that they needed there in both places and I got to understand what it was like to work with the client on a daily basis people in comedy and going in and out of that core staff office at the time right and then I left for seven went to work for a woman who is still in Business Today she's phenomenal word for her for about a year and a half in the Galleria and they have they still have a group there and then I left to go into sales because my dad owned a pest control business he still does he's 76 years old and still runs a full blown past schedule look at that Texas Beaver pest control so anyway he I knew that I probably could if I was ever going to take the