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Let's Talk Marketing with Kerri Torres, CEO of Conmigo Media

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

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Hello everybody this is Brad and this is the latest edition of Redfish healthy wealthy and wise and I am very excited today because I am sitting across from Kerri Torres Kerri is the CEO of Conmigo Media and she's got a couple other hats that she wears the caster of all visions for Conmigo but there's a twofold reason why I've got you in here today the first reason for y'all that to know is I simply like Kerri I think she's smart at what she does and the second reason is what she has to share is brought me more business and I think as a business owner you got there listening but one thing that we all have in common is we want more business and Kerri knows how to deliver that so that's what that's like

This would be a great podcast So what we're going to do today is talk about Kerri a little bit then we're going to talk about Conmigo Media and what it is that that y'all do on a day to day basis sound like fun that sounds great thank you for having me Brad this is exciting yeah I'm glad you're here so I'm going to start with the easy stuff and the easy stuff being is tell us about you and where is the where did you grow up how did you grow up education jobs history all that kind of stuff OK well that is kind of easy I grew up in West TX which I think you're anyone familiar with the oil industry will know the place I'm talking about Midland you bet you bet I think a lot of people know it is Midland Odessa yes and they're not the same they're not the same way strike they're not the same they're different they are the same unless you're a resident of one of them in which case they are profoundly different got it and one is clearly always superior to the other so that that's where I grew up it was a little bubble within itself you know it's kind of removed the rest of the world and so I had a nice safe pleasant growing up.

My father was a machinist he worked he opened a machine shop he was an entrepreneur too I guess I could say he fabricated tools for the oil industry OK so he was specific to the oil industry so he was also new in you grew up knowing about the boom and the bust of that cycles and somehow he managed to do well through throughout and my mom was a stay at home mom until the Last of us that's me went to school and brothers and sisters I have two older brothers baby girl and so then she had a long career at the post office OK OK nice simple like yeah Yep got it got it and then So what high school go to I went to Lee high school Lee high school in Midland in Midland OK and so then you go there and you say OK I need to do something more so going to college or I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do right and I didn't know where I wanted to go to school I just knew I needed a degree so I took what I was interested in which is psychology I my parents were willing to send me out of state if I would go to this private university in Virginia so I went OK which school is that is Liberty University OK and we're in Virginia is liberty Lynchburg Marketing person would think about it from that standpoint but Virginia beautiful place and I you know what I didn't mention to you before I graduated college when I was 19.

I got that degree done I went back to Midland and started working in the mental health field right and I did that for more than 10 years and then you know and then life just II went different directions up in a high school math teacher I've studied landscape architecture in the graduate level didn't finish that I just you know I think of myself as lucky very diversified background yeah to have enjoyed so many different things and so I think it's kind of interesting that I ended up in marketing because you know I did all of all of these other things deliberately and marketing just it happened to me by chance a job fell into my lap that was a marketing job and it was from there that I got started and it really is a marketing job in Midland or don't know this was much later in my life it was here in Houston art word in Cypress but in Houston for Hearst Media and which is the property that owns the Houston Chronicle right and that job was so much more than a job it was it was a huge learning experience for me on a daily basis not just about marketing but about all kinds of different businesses and that's i think what got me hooked and did you come to Houston's pretty big city and then getting into all these jobs and all that I would think that would also be a pretty big shift well so the big culture shock was when I moved to Virginia and I had yes it would be Lynchburg my roommates were from New York and New Jersey so you know you have this kind of gentle southern cult