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Let's Talk Marketing with Kerri Torres, CEO of Conmigo Media

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

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Hello everybody this is Brad and this is the latest edition of Redfish healthy wealthy and wise and I am very excited today because I am sitting across from Kerri Torres Kerri is the CEO of Conmigo Media and she's got a couple other hats that she wears the caster of all visions for Conmigo but there's a twofold reason why I've got you in here today the first reason for y'all that to know is I simply like Kerri I think she's smart at what she does and the second reason is what she has to share is brought me more business and I think as a business owner you got there listening but one thing that we all have in common is we want more business and Kerri knows how to deliver that so that's what that's like

This would be a great podcast So what we're going to do today is talk about Kerri a little bit then we're going to talk about Conmigo Media and what it is that that y'all do on a day to day basis sound like fun that sounds great thank you for having me Brad this is exciting yeah I'm glad you're here so I'm going to start with the easy stuff and the easy stuff being is tell us about you and where is the where did you grow up how did you grow up education jobs history all that kind of stuff OK well that is kind of easy I grew up in West TX which I think you're anyone familiar with the oil industry will know the place I'm talking about Midland you bet you bet I think a lot of people know it is Midland Odessa yes and they're not the same they're not the same way strike they're not the same they're different they are the same unless you're a resident of one of them in which case they are profoundly different got it and one is clearly always superior to the other so that that's where I grew up it was a little bubble within itself you know it's kind of removed the rest of the world and so I had a nice safe pleasant growing up.

My father was a machinist he worked he opened a machine shop he was an entrepreneur too I guess I could say he fabricated tools for the oil industry OK so he was specific to the oil industry so he was also new in you grew up knowing about the boom and the bust of that cycles and somehow he managed to do well through throughout and my mom was a stay at home mom until the Last of us that's me went to school and brothers and sisters I have two older brothers baby girl and so then she had a long career at the post office OK OK nice simple like yeah Yep got it got it and then So what high school go to I went to Lee high school Lee high school in Midland in Midland OK and so then you go there and you say OK I need to do something more so going to college or I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do right and I didn't know where I wanted to go to school I just knew I needed a degree so I took what I was interested in which is psychology I my parents were willing to send me out of state if I would go to this private university in Virginia so I went OK which school is that is Liberty University OK and we're in Virginia is liberty Lynchburg Marketing person would think about it from that standpoint but Virginia beautiful place and I you know what I didn't mention to you before I graduated college when I was 19.

I got that degree done I went back to Midland and started working in the mental health field right and I did that for more than 10 years and then you know and then life just II went different directions up in a high school math teacher I've studied landscape architecture in the graduate level didn't finish that I just you know I think of myself as lucky very diversified background yeah to have enjoyed so many different things and so I think it's kind of interesting that I ended up in marketing because you know I did all of all of these other things deliberately and marketing just it happened to me by chance a job fell into my lap that was a marketing job and it was from there that I got started and it really is a marketing job in Midland or don't know this was much later in my life it was here in Houston art word in Cypress but in Houston for Hearst Media and which is the property that owns the Houston Chronicle right and that job was so much more than a job it was it was a huge learning experience for me on a daily basis not just about marketing but about all kinds of different businesses and that's i think what got me hooked and did you come to Houston's pretty big city and then getting into all these jobs and all that I would think that would also be a pretty big shift well so the big culture shock was when I moved to Virginia and I had yes it would be Lynchburg my roommates were from New York and New Jersey so you know you have this kind of gentle southern culture yes it took me a while to understand that they weren't mean they were just different right and so it was it was one of the best things to happen to me to go away and realize the whole world wasn't like Midland yeah and then that I mean that that I could go down a completely different path but that that really started me on a love of getting out and traveling and viewing the world with my family travels we always try to go for more than a month wherever we're going as much as we can possibly afford it because that extended stay yeah in a different place gives you a completely different experience you can really taste the flavor of the culture paper and you can understand how people are different you can understand how the ways are different and you can like it or just like it you just begin to realize that the whole world isn't like what you're used to write an I want to bring that to my kids a little earlier than I got it but thankfully I got it young enough.

I've lived Washington DC I've lived in Rhode Island and that I've lived various places in Texas and so it's just you know I'm here I love it I love the Houston is a diverse and very kind of international place to be yeah I think were the most international city in the United states isn't that cool yeah I think it's very cool fact that was you can drive around and be specific with dining I love to try new foods I passed a Puerto Rican restaurant the other day for the first time there's a Dominican restaurant around the corner from that and then I passed a Nigerian restaurant as I have never eaten Nigerian food but I think I did try it yeah so that's kind of fun for me so you get over to Hearst Media and that's a big it's great experience for you in you're responsible for doing what at Hearst Media so I was I had been a stay at home mom and I was told look you learn everything you need to know on the job so at that time stay at home mom to that and Oh my gosh it was the amount of information coming at me was like drinking trying to take a little drink from a firehose right the job was to answer questions selling marketing solutions to small and medium businesses OK and so not only did I have to learn a lot about marketing the what was available and what specifically that company did but also about all of the competitors to that company because any client that I would go talk to would already know or have been approached by competitors so you learn about all of the marketing available in your area and then and even outside of your area depending on the advertiser right and then I also learned step-by-step about different businesses different verticals different types of businesses different takes on different businesses within the same vertical and it the mental gymnastics was matching up the right strategies to the right business according to their goals that's the art within the science.

It was really fun I bet that was and so and I would also think that being at Hearst that you pretty much had on one of your territory it was Harris County it was all over the map and say you were getting all parts of towns all different sorts of businesses did you focus on one particular business or another or was it just open season yeah open season I mean it was a sales job so I wanted to make contact with as many businesses as I could and you know starting out I didn't have an idea of what might be better than something else so I just I just started calling and calling and then you know overtime you gradually you know like these solutions are going to work more or less for this type of problem and you know you begin to put it together and you kind of makes sense and kind of organized all of it but began the beginning it was a real shotgun approach and I know in doing a little research on you you're too humble to mention this but you did make it kind of to the top of the top of the chain as far as the sales go at Hearst in as far as the chronicles concern I've got my methods so you get all the way to the top.

So you were very successful obviously what you did so which leads me to my go which I think happens when you love what you're doing right that's true yeah well there's a passion for it it's not working right it's not working and so you're at the top and you're doing well but something happened along the way I'm assuming that said you know what I want to go out inform my own company Conmigo you're absolutely OK so you know in my years there were changes as always are in big companies and I got to observe different ways of running the business according to the different leaders that we had and you know how when you're an observer it's just so easy to see what someone else is doing wrong and what you would do differently somehow that's just that's easier than getting in there and learning and figuring it out yourself sometimes is just having the vantage point and that was that was my advantage is that I could watch that happening right in front of me and so I developed really strong ideas about what works what doesn't work what is good for the customers what isn't good for the customers yeah what is good for the marketing company and what's not good for the marketing company and in the end it all just it lined up in my mind and all a marketing company has to do is be sincerely invested in the success of its clients OK everything else will follow that's brilliant no it really is if you are sincerely invested in the success of your client then everything else will follow suit because your client is more successful because of what you're doing or they're going to be thankful for what you're doing right so you get a happy customer but that's not all you get a customer who has greater more business and more revenue and you get a customer whose business is growing and when they have a bigger budget that right they can do more marketing.

So it comes back to the marketing company and then we can do more for that customer and as long as it is so if you grow we grow basically is how I look at it and as long as we're doing right for the customer that the everything just naturally follows so you had you had made up your mind that this is what you need to do and so then you just I know it's not something we wake up one morning inside hey we're going to do this and start our own company as a lot of nerves little bit like that but there's a lot of nerves involved so you decide to clear the head partner but you also worked with a gentleman named Antonio and then you also worked with Selena so did you bring them with you did you know them outside to form because they do different things for the company this well and that's a great question because a lot of the planning to go out on my own of course had to do with OK I know how to put the strategy together but I don't do all of the work I don't I don't think one person can know how to do all of the work right and so I started lining these up.

I'll try to make it quick but yeah I think both of these kind of an interesting story so Antonio also worked for Hearst Media that's where I first met him and about a month after I started or within a few months I should say he left to go out on his own OK and do digital marketing SEO digital marketing is a little bit different than what it is part of what we did is part of which yeah so he's behind the computer numbers data guy exactly right so and I am making fun of him saying Antonio if you're listening you're the nerd you're the Conmigo nerd that's OK we all need a nerd in our life so valuable I'd be lost without him so he had gone on his own and then a little while later I went on maternity leave and I had been really working with this client to get this huge project I had been working with him for months and months and months and we were just about there but I had to go away on maternity leave yeah and it's OK because my digital manager was going to handle it and get that contract sign the next thing I know my digital manager calls and says you remember Antonio? Yes I do… well guess who got the contract… Antonio! you know he's he got the business and so you know of course I was disappointed in myself at that moment but I made a mental note on Antonio is doing something right and it was I think maybe three or four years later before I went out on my own when I thought to call him and he's actually the first person I called about handling the digital side of things and we've been working happily together since yeah that and that that's really important to have somebody who is who knows the ends and outs on the technical side of what you do and we're going to get into that in a minute and kind of talk about that but yet he's and having met him he's a very bright man he is very bright he's very bright and very educated and so you can tell you can tell you're right it shows.

So tell me about Selena, Selena was a customer, she worked in marketing for but the thing about Selena that that was she worked in marketing for a large company that I used to go call on and work with she would she would give me marketing projects to do and so we as she was so special smart really she was so smart and on my calls I would always take my digital manager with me I mean he was also his name is Quinn McKay I own him so much for what I learned and what I know but he's also very smart very educated and a great human being but I would always take him with me to talk to her because I was a little intimidated a lot intimidated and I knew she'd go over my head like before and I was afraid I just wouldn't be able to understood keep up keep up with her so you brought along another nerd but she's one of these artistic nerds I mean what a great combination oh she's so cool she does she does all of our graphic design she's sure does yeah visual things for us as much as she can she's very in demand so she's not always available but she's a huge part of what we do and gotcha yeah and she eventually moved on and did other things and so I was able to call her at add a certain point and finally say hey Selena you used to be my client but would you like to do some, that's fantastic yeah that really is me what I'd like that.

Tell us about the name Conmigo and how you came up with Conmigo I think I've told you about my husband he or maybe I have it my husband is Colombian OK and when I met him I was learning Spanish and so here I met this this guy and he was just this exotic embodiment of this you know this idea in my head OK I mean just absolutely the most interesting man in the world to me right now and now I'm now I'm of course picturing the other gentleman from the add most interesting man in the world that does that he's if it is it Dos Equis it is yeah OK anyway I don't know my beer ads I'm sorry folks yeah I think it is OK anyway yeah so he was he was just such a charmer and so of course every word uttered in Spanish just let's see here but this is show Stacy fitter hands over chest and she's just shaking my heart so you will move not accept you were moved OK and so just to make them terribly Long story short like Conmigo became a special word between us you know would you like to go to lunch call me go yes me amigo means with me with me would you like to spend the day with me or do you want to marry me do you want to spend your life with me gotcha you know so with me with me with me became this very special thing between it.

So Fast forward all these years later when we're looking at opening the business and we're thinking of a name and of course the special word is always kind of forefront in our lives and we started thinking you know what it actually is a good name because perfect is perfect thank you yeah and I don't know if you feel this or not but what we thought is OK so go two heads are better than one you know together if you want to travel the proverb that says if you want to travel fast go alone travel Fargo together too and really ultimately mechanical it down to like with what you know about your business and what I know about marketing we can do great things can mega like it I like it I just think that was important to talk about it I think it's neat So what I want to do is focus really on I guess four different areas in the four areas that I picked to kind of focus on or the four areas that you worked on with me here at Redfish.

Conmigo does all the marketing now for Redfish and it's really made a difference in one of the things that I was always frustrated with is I just knew I thought I knew about what to do but really I know nothing about marketing and so I wanted the four areas I want to talk about was branding the website which we're calling the front side because I've learned there's a front side OK then the online presence which is the backside and then how it and how that drives people to the website and then unification so first with the branding as many of you who listened as clients of Redfish capital you've seen the little it was retros Capital Management at the time but if you had a little fish and I loved the fish and you had a good reason for loving you but I thought it was really cool and so I picked it because I liked it one of the things that Kerri did is put together a focus group and showed them Redfish showed them the brand and it was over 80% thought I was a restaurant something I never would have even thought about is to get a focus group.

Then this is where you got together with Selena I'm assuming was it Selena who started putting together different logos concepts and logos with we took out the word management so now shows Redfish capital and then choosing which of the symbols so now we go with this anchor because that's what the focus group said ah this is financial planning this is financial management yeah so I just thought that was genius so branding is a big usually the first thing that you're doing with the company is looking at the overall brand that you know that's a great question because sometimes it is for clients who have come a long enough that they have the budget for that to be the first thing that we look at of course that's like the foundation but a lot of times we work with clients who this is the first time they've done marketing and they're not they don't have a huge budget too to set up a beautiful you know to come up with a beautiful brand and all the things that follow that and what they need first is for us to help them improve their revenue and then as we do that we focus on these things later so it's always a focus it's always important but we get to it at different times for different clients but I know that it's critical to have a great brand and the stuff that I read about when I read books over the weekend on marketing books it's all about the brand and pushing the brand and when I read books from the CEOs of Nike and of Starbucks it is all about the brand in pushing the brand so I've got to think that something you want the client to focus absolutely and it is hugely important you're not wrong about that at all it's just you know if you imagine I see all kinds of businesses and so of course for Nike and Starbucks I mean these are huge right that's everything people get everything glance and recognize everything and know the whole story right but if you're a plumber and again it's important it is very important for a plumber but let's say you're just starting and you only have a couple of trucks now you need a brand you need a foundation you need a website you need every supporting thing for your identity to come together in order for you to really be able to grow yeah but sometimes you have to grow a little bit before you can grow along I get it and so that's where we would focus on OK let's get some revenue coming in let's increase your calls every day and then we'll get to that later

For business like yours I mean you've been around you know what you're doing people know you communicate well already with an audience there's like open I got to get the pins I’ve got to get the shirts I’ve got to get that that all the little things that I give out the I'm that's a one-time cost and so it's like do it just do it and get it over with but I love the fact that you had a focus group so it was outside eyes because I'm biased I'm biased and I'm looking at it from my perspective but you know what I'm not the client I'm not the customer I need to look at it from people's perspectives and that's what you focus me in on and I thought that was so key thank you and that's why I would I would not look at it and make a suggestion I think it takes it takes that kind of research to understand what's going to resonate with rest of the world will.

Speaking of resonating with the world and putting the brand out there nowadays it everything is online so the website and one of the things that you were pointing out to me was how important the website is so my frustrations with what I was doing was literally I was hiring brandex company just to go build me a website in it they were OK it's OK they were just but what I wanted was for my website to be able to be the brand focus for every client so when a client wants to look at their statements they need to go to my website when a client wants to get information or tax forms they go to my website when people want to read about the markets the economy I wanted to go to my website and that's where y'all stepped in and said OK let's do it but let's talk about the front side of it so that's where you all stepped in I guess the first thing while we were doing the branding is you're working on the front side of my website so how important is that for someone to have a website that is really killer yeah OK well think about when you're surfing the web and how if you're looking for something specific and you click then you're taken to a site and you may not even realize this but it's people get this the truth people give the site sometimes less than a couple of seconds to decide whether or not it's where they want to be so that's the first that's the first impression they have in your business it is an it's an it's open 24 hours a day you know it's your it's your online storefront is what we call it it's your presence so not only does it need to look nice but it needs to be very organized and clean and modern people need to be able to find the information they want within seconds they need to be able to see that the information they want is somewhere on that site and it's hard to do because websites especially like yours that are so informational and they provide resources for clients and client specific resources and their communication tool and there a tool for new people to get in touch with you know it's all of that so it does so many things then it has to be organized in a way that people can at a glance make sense of all of it and take the action that they want to take or the action that you want them to take OK it's one of the things that I appreciated about it was I had never known because I put out a lot of data without a lot of information and one of the things that I like what you all did with my website is the fact that I now have one central place when I play I get you the piece whether that be podcasts something I've written whatever it may be a magazine article I give it to you when you put it on the website that automatically sends out to people saying hey there's something new on the website so I don't have to go through the rigamarole of trying to contact all these people.

I can just get it to you in that part is done and we try to do that because you're busy you're busy running a business you're creating content that your customers need to hear that you know to in order to maintain your relationship with your community and most business owners not only don't want to spend the time to figure all this out and do it but it's just not it's not practical right you're doing what you're good at so the other thing I want to mention then when it comes to the website so we know how important that is but I had no idea where I was truly clueless is that there's the front side and then there's a backside of a website I didn't know there was such thing as a backside of a website but the backside of the website if you are like me you have no idea my customers my current clients they know my website but I'm interested in also talking to people that aren't my clients yet yeah well having a back side of the website is what pulls people to my website right and that's what I was truly clueless about so let's talk a little bit about that in the backside and what is what are spiders that you would use these terms that we're going to put spiders on your website and I was like what are they talking about.

Let's talk about the whole backside and I think this is this Antonio's purview so the first part that I talked about the front side that's Selena yes you know how it looks how it feels how it works and then the backside is on Antonio and his team and how you know making sure every little detail is in place in there is so much to it so if you want to see the backside of a website you can go to any website and hold down the control button and the letter and then push the letter you control you control you and you will see the backside of the website it's well you did that with mine and you showed me an I'm shocked yeah I mean it's got everything and the whole point of the backside though if I'm not mistaken is when people go to Google and I type in some words Google is going to look on the backside of all the webpages try to match up a word and then move you to that website is that kind of got it right yeah it's and you're absolutely right like the point of having a website I mean who cares if no one can find it right right so you need to be you need to show up in search results you need to be found whenever someone is looking for something that you do and so yes what we put on the backside of that website helps Google an and it's not really that Google at that moment tries to match up the words what Google does constantly is that this is what I said about the spiders are sending out these they're you know they're constantly crawling the web and they called the crawlers spiders OK I mean for me it's just a visual thing too I don't completely understand it I have people who do but Google is constantly indexing all of the content all over the web and then ranking it so not only are they figuring out what's out there they're putting in an order so that whenever a term is typed in for surge they can they can quickly identify in order the most relevant results from one to you know the millionth result isn't that amazing yeah that they can do that but so on the backside of your website you have to have all of your content the same way it's organized on the front so it's easy for a person to read it has to be organized on the back for Google to read for a computer to read right and that's you know that's just one little part of it I also mean when I say Google also Yahoo Google owns everything and that's one component of being found but Google you know I told you they're ranking things and so they're also looking for what other websites are you associated with do you have relevant backlinks from other leaders in the industry to your site that make it seem a little more legitimate credible you know Google is looking at is the content on your site quality intent is you know if you say that you do financial services does your does your content support that you know align Google's algorithms for lack of better word what they're doing is processing all of that stuff on the backside to direct people to it exactly and so it's enormous what they do and then and then on top of that they change their algorithm 5 to 600 times a year so we're always trying to figure out you're playing catch up what Google's doing now and what is the best way to get Google to recognize that you're the number one.

By the way I'm going to say this on your podcast because I'm really proud of it we've got you ranked number one on in the organic search and this took us what three months yeah I saw that you sent it to me and that's pretty outstanding and I think that was so negative number of Cuban what was my frustration with and so now it types this financial budget on the first Hyperloop it's right and I used to never show up you're not paying extra to show up you're just showing up organically yeah we haven't even gotten to the phase where do you pay to show up but wait there's more well so that that's what I think was so important and I had no clue about the backside of the website I'm so grateful to Conmigo for you all putting it together and show me how to do that because I think now and I'm not I think everyone believes this as well that's the medium that people are using to find information to find companies that's what they're using losing on that you're losing you're absolutely right yeah so like it or not that is the game.

So now the other thing moving on a little bit is I want to talk to you about communication and one of the things that I was really grateful for it you set me up with a way to communicate with my clients and I kind of hinted at that and with constant contact I know that I used to type up an email I'd write a paper a white paper magazine article whatever and then go through the process getting ready and then I had to distribute that out bold now with one push of a button I looked at my constant contact I've got 2700 and I've just been doing this a couple of weeks 2700 that just goes out and then the website and it sends it out so now I know to utilizing the website is the best way for me to communicate with my clients right right and you thank goodness because you do a great job of communicating an and I think it needs I mean that's the heart and soul I would think of your business is people wanting to get that information that you're able to give out you're an advisor after all right and so yeah we tried again that's another situation that you know a solution that we try to bring to business owners you it takes time it takes time to set up the right type of social media accounts if you want to roll business it roll information out that way it takes time to format each piece of information which is this is something we're working on for you that we haven't quite gotten to yet but formatting each piece of information for each platform and getting it out first down is you could quantify what you were doing for me you could quantify because I'm spending money and you were the first marketing company that says I'll show you the results and I'm getting monthly results from you I've got to think your customers really like the fact that you're communicating with them every month here's the increases that we've made this is where your money is going well.

I feel like that goes back to doing right by the customer and I feel like if a customer is going to trust us with their budget we need to show them what they're getting and that's whether they ask for it or not you need to see a report that says here's the work we did here are the results that we got and you'll see that with each product it's a little bit different so you know with all the work we're doing on your backside you're getting reports that show everything that we did but you're also getting the most important piece which is you are ranked yes at this number in search results last month and now you're at a higher number I mean like tangible results that you catch what I like seeing just like I can send out a statement to my clients right here's where you are here's where you are today and how happy would they be with you if they didn't see that Oh my gosh that's so that's the whole point of what I'm saying with that what I was so grateful for is y'all that's the first time I've ever and I've been with six or seven different marketing people and marketing as the first time I've had quantifiable data put in front of me on a regular basis so it doesn't now I know my money is just not going away and I felt like it was burning at these other companies but with you here's the data brand that makes me feel so good because that's what we're striving to do an and I feel like it's only right to do that.

I want to go back to Antonio for a second because once we start doing the lead generation where we're actually putting money into bringing new quests what we do with every company is not only do we track every effort and come to you with a report that attributes every lead to a source whether it's whether it's something you paid for whether it's organic whether we will attribute every lead you get that we have tracked and let you know what source it came from and then here's where we take the extra step we bring that to you and say OK now as a business owner please go through this list and these are the people we know that called as a result of whatever can you look in see what that customer was worth to you can you look and see what you anticipate the lifetime value of that customer to be OK and you know quickly calculate that and let us know what it's worth and then we compare that to what you spent that month in marketing and our aim is always to show you that that you didn't waste a single penny in instead you increased your B got money a positive return on invest exactly and that's what I was craving was having that and it's made a big difference and I know that we're just getting started you know that's kind of the exciting thing so kind of run through the questions that I wanted to ask you and stuff like that I really appreciate you coming in is there anything that you want to leave the audience with and you say look if you have thought about doing a marketing strategy or maybe it's just get it you have nothing to you don't know anything about how to get started what are some simple things that people should do other than get in touch with you OK so it really depends on the industry and what you're doing for me to say what you should focus on let me say this though we do offer will do an audit on your marketing absolutely no obligation whatsoever so that a person can contact us with us expecting nothing we will audit the marketing and will give you recommendations.

Walk me through the process of what you do first OK sure first thing we want to do is get to know you and understand your business and in addition to talking to you we're going to conduct well you know what you may not want to tell us all about your business all even back up further like let's say you're not sure you want to be a client yet you just need some help OK and that's OK you could call us and we will do an audit on your current marketing and what that means is well look at you know whatever marketing properties you have if you have a website or if you have marketing materials will take a look at that if you if you're doing social media and will evaluate it and even do some technical auditing on the backside of the website and from that will generate recommendations and will give those to you and you can you can take those and implement them on your own if you like if you want to kind of play around with it if you even wanted to take it to someone else and get quote and see what it would cost we're fine with that we appreciate the opportunity to talk to various businesses and just to just to engage and be of service that way having been having been on this side of the table from your initial presentation from the audit when you say give you a few things to do it is not a few things this was intense there were so much out there that I could have been doing it you were pointing out that I kept saying wow oh wow oh wow I never thought of that so again I think you're being humble and modest is not just a simple audit it really do you go through all aspects of my business how I've been doing marketing and what I can do to improve it and it became evident it became very clear to me that I can't do it much in the same way that a doctor may be telling me about this kind of surgery that I need well guess what I can't not do the surgery on myself I needed someone to come in and do it right and you know what typically that's not unusual at all.

Like I said before you you're doing what you do and if you wanted to be doing marketing you'd be doing market right and it just it's efficient and easy to let someone take it off your plate especially if they're going to promise you that it's not going to be a waste right just make sense very lastly then what is the best way for people to get in touch with you at Conmigo then should they just show they throw it in on Google I'm sure you've got all the algorithms and spiders out there working for you so what's the best way for people to find you the website is and then I love a phone call and my phone number is an out of area number because I've had it forever it's my personal phone too but I love a phone call or a text at 469-328-4658 Conmigo Media.

Kerri this has been awesome just awesome thank you for coming in and doing this and I'm excited for you because I know what you've already done for us at Redfish in the new clients that we brought on strictly because of your efforts and stuff but I am excited for other people out there who are listening and if you've considered doing some marketing and stuff or at least wondering if your marketing is working I highly suggest that you get in touch with Kerri at Conmigo Media and have them take a look at it so thank you for being here thank you for everybody for listening look forward to talking to you soon.

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