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Talking Tax with Redfish's Own Henry Nguyen CPA

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

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Hello everybody. And welcome back to the Redfish healthy, wealthy and wise podcast. This is Brad Murrill with Redfish Capital, and I'm so excited about today's podcast. So I'm finally back to having a guest. We haven't had a guest, I don't think in a little over two months now it's just been me hammering it. Y'all but I'm finally, in fact, the guests that we have today, I'm looking at you now, Henry, this we've been trying to get this together now for a couple of years, but it's, this guy works as hard as any human being I've ever met in my life. The hours you keep are insane. My friend, they're absolutely a and saying who I've got with us today is someone who's very important to what we do here at Redfish Capital, because he is deeply involved with what we do here at Redfish Capital.

It's our CPA Henry Nguyen. Good to have you buddy. Thanks. Good to here. So people always want to know the, the personal stuff and all that stuff first. So I'm just kind of want to you, how in, why in the world would a human being ever want become a CPA? I still can't process that and figure it out. Well, it's, there's a lot of factors involved, you know, first of all, going through a school, I'll give you a little bit history of where I grew up and everything. Yeah. What, what you grew you're you're from you Spring Branch area, right? Yeah. Spring Branch. So, you know, my parents moved here when I was 11 months old and they were in Lincoln, Nebraska. That's where I was born Lincoln. Yep. Wow. Lincoln Nebraska, right in the middle of the US. Made sure I was, how did they get to Lincoln?

So my parents, my mom came over here with her with her family and their sponsor was in Lincoln, Nebraska. And my dad came over here with his family and they weren't married yet.

Wait their sponsor.

So back in the seventies, you had to have a sponsor when you came over here from Vietnam. Okay. Okay. You staying in a refugee camp until you got a sponsor. Once you got a sponsor, they, you have to go and live by your sponsor.

All right. So your mom was sponsored. So she was in a refugee camp for a while. Yep.

Where it was around Pennsylvania. And

How long was she in a refugee camp? I don't know exactly, but maybe a couple months or so.

Okay. And then, so she got a sponsor who was in Lincoln, Nebraska. And so by the federal rules, you had to go live within a certain radius right. Of your sponsor. So that took her to Lincoln, Nebraska. So going from Vietnam to Lincoln, Nebraska, there's a change. Yep.

Big change. Huge change. So yeah. So my dad, oh man. Yeah. So my dad ran into my mom in the refugee camp. Okay. And he knew her from being in Vietnam. So he was like, Hey, okay. I want to keep in touch with her because you know, moving to country, you know? Yeah. It's not like you can just go out to a club and they had a connection

From, from

Back home. Right. So he decided to stay in touch and, and pursue her. And so he was his family was sponsored, I think, somewhere in New York. Okay. And he then decided to move down to Lincoln, Nebraska and work down there. And that was fine because his sponsor, when they sponsored their sponsor, like a whole family. Right. And so like, my dad was able to move and it was, it was, it was fine. Okay. And so he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska and pursued my mom and and they got married, small little church down there. We actually went back to that church back in 2016. No kidding. How awesome is that? Yeah. And the crazy thing was that town where they got married is only, I believe it was like, the population was like 300. And so they remembered my parents when we no way there were people in there at the church and they were like, are you so and so, so because, you know, we're the only Asian people that went to that church.

And there was that church that only had like 20 or 30 people in the church. So yeah. They remember. Yeah. And they, they, you know, they took a picture of us and they put us in their local paper and everything like that SOS so awesome. Yeah. Yeah. It was, it was great. Cuz you know, my parents were able take us back to show us where they got married and, and my kids, you know? Yeah, yeah. And where, you